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Designed to meet the most precise needs in terms of comfort, reliability and functionality, our hospital,long-term care, home care and comfort beds continue to exceed the expectations of new users and regulars.

Passionate about innovation and excellence, we take care to develop products and technologies that meet the highest quality and safety standards.


Beds and medical accessories to meet your needs

Several medical accessories are also at your disposal: mattresses, transport trolleys, headboards, box springs, solute stems and much more.


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Medical & Bariatric Beds: MultiTech, VersaTech and VariTech

We offer bariatric beds designed to support different types of people (varying in size and weight). Our most popular home beds are MultiTech beds (designed to meet the reality of home care and seniors’ residences) and VariTech beds (designed to make everyday life easier for people who are obese or want more space and comfort).

For hospital beds, we offer different styles of VersaTechbeds, designed to be both mobile and flexible to facilitate access and mode of operation for patients and hospital staff.

All of our Canadian hospital beds are CSA certified and meet Health Canada and FDA recommendations for trapping risks.


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or call us via our toll-free phone 1 800 358-6440.

Latest news

New UK Distributor

We are pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with a new distributor in the United Kingdom, who specializes in the sale of bariatric equipment. This new partnership will allow us to introduce our VersaTech 1100 ULB bariatric bed to the UK, the only...

CHUM news

Baie-du-Febvre, January 18, 2021Rotec International is pleased to announce that we have recently reached an agreement with the new Montreal CHUM for a delivery of 35 VersaTech 1100 2.0 bariatric beds. Indeed, these 35 new bariatric beds, equipped with an integrated...

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After-sales service technician

Rotec is looking for a dynamic candidate to fill a position as a Customer Service Agent. The incumbent will perform the following functions: Respond to service calls and parts orders by phone, fax or email; Apply questioning techniques to quickly and effectively...