In 2021 Rotec International launched the patented VersaDrive system to help professionals maneuver its bariatric bed VersaTech 1100 ULB in the safest and easiest possible way. Indeed, « […] Individuals living with obesity […] report challenges accessing health care services in institutional and community settings that meet their needs. Key issues identified include access to equipment and furniture that will support their body weight and/or body size […] »[1]. Quoting Mr. Miguel Valero, CEO of Rotec international: «This is the easiest to use and most intuitive drive assist system on the market according to firsthand testimony of many chief nurses ».  Easily activated, the motorized wheel is compact, powerful, and easy to operate. The VersaDrive intelligent system senses the operator’s intended direction and will adjust the power and speed accordingly to make movements feel seamless.  As an added safety feature, an automatic braking system integrated in the motorized wheel is activated as soon as the control panel is released, making it extremely safe for both the patient and the professional.


The advanced motorized wheel is an option available on the VersaTech 1100 ULB by Rotec International: this bed is known to be the world’s lowest bariatric hospital bed. Descending to 8 inches from the floor and offering a maximum load capacity of 1100 lbs. (500 kg), this bed help to prevent fall injuries, provide more autonomy for the patient and reduce effort and risk of injuries for the caregivers.  Given that «patients with obesity can be at increased risk for falls due to several difficulties: limited mobility with balance, gait, or transfer issues […] »[2], it is extremely important that hospital bed manufacturer, such as Rotec, make it a priority to innovate and create the safest possible products.

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[2] Safely Carring for the Hospitalized Patient with Obesity. Paul Nagle, ARM, CPHRM, Director, Department of Patient Safety and Risk Management, and Shelley Rizzo, MSN, CPHRM, Senior Patient Safety Risk Manager, Department of Patient Safety and Risk Management.