Why choose Rotec?

Improving quality of life for patients, caregivers, and family members
To be internationally recognized as the manufacturer of the world’s best bariatric bed

Our expertise in the service of well-being

Founded in 1985, Rotec International is a Canadian company recognized worldwide for the design and manufacture of high quality medical and comfort beds.

Aware of the importance that a bed can have in the life of a patient in hospital, in rehabilitation, at the end of life or living with a particular physical condition, we make every effort to offer robust beds with unique characteristics, many of which are protected by patents. In addition, all of our beds are certified and meet the highest standards in the medical industry.

Our comfort beds, on the other hand, will meet the needs of a clientele looking for relaxation and restful sleep. Thanks to the quality of their design and the multiple possibilities of adjustments, Rotec beds transform a simple bedroom into a comfortable living environment.

Over the years, Rotec International has built up a cutting-edge expertise and an excellent reputation that continues to grow. That’s why we continue to focus on what sets us apart: the know-how of our experts, our innovative approach and our unrivalled service.

That’s why so many customers and partners trust us.

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