VersaTech LB

The VersaTech LB medical bed is a versatile and easy-to-use model intended for everyday use in hospitals or in CHSLDs (long-term care).

With a superior design that ensures robustness and reliability, the VersaTech LB medical bed is designed to cater to a wide range of patients, while being easy to use for healthcare staff.

This bed is intended for hospital and long-term care and accommodation clients. Offering a low profile that allows the bed to be lowered to 10 1/2 inches from the ground, it ensures safe use by limiting the risk of falling, while increasing the patient's autonomy.

  • Total capacity of 620lb (281kg)
  • Prevent Falls Related Injuries: 10 ½” (26.7cm) Low Bed
  • Ultra quiet DC motors. Helps maintain a calm and relaxed environment
  • Emergency battery for temporary autonomy
  • Easy to maintain with quick connect components
  • Central brake at the foot of the bed, 2 pedals, one on each side
  • Lightweight composite head and footboard for ease of use.
  • Antimicrobial and easy to clean powder coated steel structure
  • 5″ (125mm) anti-static double wheels casters
  • 2 pairs of half-length composite siderails
  • Patient remote control with auto-contour
  • Patient control integrated into the bed siderails with auto-contour, underbed light and nurse call
  • Nurse call built into the siderails with DB-37 connexion
  • Easy to use nurse control integrated in the footboard
  • Bed functions lock-out from the nurse control at the footboard
  • Side and foot mattress retainer
  • Siderail integrated angle indicator for backrest and Trendelenburg angles
  • Easily extendable in length without tools from 80″ to 84″ to 88″ (203cm to 213cm to 223cm)
  • One-touch Trendelenburg adjustment
  • Night light
  • Multiple openings for restraint straps
  • Bumpers at the head and foot end of the bed
  • IV pole holders
  • Trapeze bar receptacle
  • Electric CPR
  • Mechanical CPR: 2 handles
  • CSA certified according to Canadian and American standards.
  • Authentic Canadian product
  • Platform width: 35″ (89cm)
  • Overall width: 40 ¼” (102cm)
  • Platform length: 80″ to 84″ to 88″ (203cm to 213cm to 223cm)
  • Overall length: 90″ to 94″ to 98″ (229cm to 239cm to 249cm)
  • Minimum height: 10 ½” (26.7cm)
  • Maximum height: 32 ¾” / 83.2cm
  • Load capacity: 620lb / 281kg
  • Backrest angle: 65°
  • Footrest angle: 34°
  • Trendelenburg position: -15° to +15°
  • Under bed clearance: 6 7/8″ (17.5cm)
  • Bed weight: 300lb (136kg)
  • Integrated scale with 2 zones bed exit notification, integrated warning signal to DB-37 port with visual and audible indicator
  • Bar with trapeze
  • IV pole
  • Left retractable IV pole
  • Right retractable IV pole
  • Support for oxygen cylinder
  • Pump support
  • DB-37 adapter cable
  • Additional remote control
  • Bed trolley
  • Voltage: 120V (AC)
  • Amperage: 4A
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Leakage current: < 300 microamps
  • Battery: 1.2aH sealed lead acid, 2 x 12V
  • Scale accuracy (regardless of the bed position): 1% of the patient weight
  • 10 years on the structure
  • 2 years on electric motors
  • 2 years on the controller and electronic components
  • 1 year on accessories and against any manufacturing defects
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VersaTech LB



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