MultiTech ULB Bed

An ultra-low profile medical bed, the MultiTech ULB is designed to meet the reality of home care and seniors’ residences (RPA), intermediate residences (RI) and home care in cases where the prevention of falls injuries is particularly important.

One of Rotec's flagship models, the MultiTech ULB medical bed is a home care bed with an aesthetic finish, a wide range of fits and an ultra-low profile to lower the bed 8 inches off the floor. Its versatile design not only significantly increases the safety of patients at the end of life, in rehabilitation or living with a disability, but also their autonomy. The MultiTech ULB is easy to use as well as carry for easy delivery and home.

  • Bed designed for home care patients or long-term care facilities
  • Helps prevent Falls Related Injuries. Ultra-Low bed 8″ (21 cm)
  • Ultra quiet DC motors. Helps maintain a calm and relaxed environment.
  • Battery ensuring temporary autonomous operation
  • IP54-approved electrical components protected from dust and water infiltration
  • Bed can bed moved at any heights even when in its lowest position
  • Antimicrobial and easy to clean powder coated steel structure
  • Casters equipped with a synchronized braking system (2 x 2 casters)
  • 4”/10 cm diameter medical casters
  • 8 functions remote control
  • Manually adjustable foot section angle (choice of three positions: flexion, standard and extension)
  • Side and foot mattress retainer
  • 6 receptacles for IV pole
  • Bumpers at the head and foot end of the bed
  • Bed may be separated into two sections to facilitate transport
  • Authentic Canadian product
  • Platform width: 35” (88,9 cm)
  • Platform length: 78” (198 cm)
  • Minimum height: 8” (21 cm)
  • Maximum height: 29” (73,7 cm)
  • Load capacity: 580 lb (264 kg)
  • Maximum backrest angle: 68° (degrees)
  • Maximum footrest angle: 34° (degrees)
  • Trendelenburg Position: -18° to +18° (degrees)
  • Clearance under the bed: Variable according to the height of the bed:
    • 6 ” (12 cm) clearance when bed is 17 ” (43 cm) high
  • Bed weight: 245 lb (111 kg)
  • Digital nurse control integrated in the footboard (include the head and footboard)
  • Digital patient control integrated in the siderails (requires the nurse control, include one pair of siderail)
  • Composite or melamine decorative headboard and footboard (Choice of melamine colors: white, rosewood, maple, and other colors on request)
  • Composite platform cover
  • Rotec tilt-up half side rails 28” (71 cm)
  • Rotec full side rails
  • Rotec rotating half side rails 28” (71 cm)
  • Rotec rotating half side rails with increased protection height 28” (71 cm)
  • IV pole
  • Bed trolley
  • Bar with trapeze
  • Side rail pad
  • Pump support
  • Medical mattress
  • Full one-year warranty
    • Our products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year following the original purchase date. During this first year, Rotec or its authorized distributor will replace, at no cost to the original buyer, any defective parts. This guarantee includes authorized labour and transportation costs incurred by repairing or replacing any defective parts.
  • Two-year warranty -Remote and electronic components
    • Our products are guaranteed parts, labor and authorized transportation for two (2) years following the original purchase date on the controllers and electronic components.
  • Five-year warranty – Electric and massage motors
    • Our products are guaranteed room, labor and authorized transport for five (5) years following the original purchase date on electric motors and massage.
  • Twenty-five-Year Guarantee (25) – Steel Structure
    • Our products are guaranteed twenty-five (25) years after the original purchase date on the steel structure.
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MultiTech ULB Bed




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