Our comfort beds

The adjustable beds in our comfort range promise a night of great relaxation and comfort. Adapted to the needs of all users and equipped with a multitude of options, our beds offer wellness, aesthetics and fit. A Rotec bed transforms a simple bedroom into a comfortable living environment.

Satisfaction 100

The Satisfaction 100 bed, for a restful sleep and the most comfortable moments of relaxation.

Bed Coastline 200 2.0

Adjustable to the head and feet, the Coastline 200 offers comfort and different positioning at the touch of a button.

Gemini Bed 300M 2.0

Adjustable to the neck, head and feet, the Gemini 300M is the pinnacle of adjustable beds. Comfort and innovation at its best!

MultiPositions Bed

The Adjustable MultiPositions bed is the perfect compromise between functionality and everyday comfort, it is specially designed for home support.