What are the differences between VariTech and VersaTech 1100 ULB?

Sep 1, 2020

As you know, the two VariTech and VersaTech 1100 ULB beds are part of our medicaladjustable beds, made in Quebec with great love and precision.

However, most health care professionals wonder what makes the difference between these two beds and how to choose between the two. We will explain in this article the main characteristics of each of these two beds, so that you can make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.

First, before we talk about their differences, let’s talk about their similarities.

What a VariTech and a VersaTech 1100 ULB have in common:

Bariatric use:

The most important thing to remember is that the two beds are bariatric beds. That is, they have a load capacity of 1100 lbs/499 kg to suit people with excess weight, or people who simply want to have more space in their bed for specific reasons.

Adjustable width:

The adjustable width is a commonality between VariTech and VersaTech 1100 ULB. Obviously, since they are bariatric beds, the basis is to be able to adjust the width. So, nothing rocket science, you can extend the two box springs to reach their maximum width.

Similar mattresses:

As you can see, both beds can have the same mattresses. It’s about Adjustable width mattresses of course, which can fit very well with the Varitech and Versatech 1100 ULB.

Let’s turn now to what differentiates these two bariatric beds so similar.

The destination

The first difference between the two beds is probably their destination. Indeed, the VariTech bed is designed for long-term care and home care. And the VersaTech 1100 ULB bed is designed for hospital care only. In other words, you’ll never see a VariTech in a hospital, and vice versa, the VersaTech 1100 ULB can never be found in a CHSLD, neither at home, nor in a residence.

The minimum height:

VersaTech 1100 ULB bed is known to be the lowest in its class, because it drops down to 8.25 in / 21 cm from the ground. The VariTech, on the other hand, will drop only 13 in / 33 cm from the ground. And if it has a fixed base (option), it will stop at the height of 13.5 in / 34.3cm.

Nursing and patient checks

However, since the VersaTech 1100 ULB is a hospital bed, by default it has a nurse control and a patient control which are already built into the bed.

On the other hand, for the VersaTech bed, you must first choose them as options when ordering the bed, in order to be able to integrate them into the bed. In fact, a VariTech bed comes by default without reverse control or patient control,but you can request it if you need it when using the bed.

The head and foot of the bed

If you want to buy a VariTech bed for your care home or your home,be aware that you can customize the colors of your melamine heads and feet (white, rosewood, maple, and other colors on request), or simply take them in composite.

However, if it is a VersaTech 1100 ULB, it will have acomposite head and foot, and you have no other choice. This is because the composite is the ideal material for hospital environments: Easy to clean and maintain.

The scale

Again, to adapt to thehospital environment,the VersaTech 1100 ULB bed offers the possibility of integrating a scale, with a bed exit detection system, 2 zones. However, this is an option that needs to be added at the time of bed control, but it has the merit of existing. Contrary to the VariTech does not offer this option.


It was a summary of the main commonalities and differences between our two bariatric beds. You can always check out the VersaTech 1100 ULB and VariTech to know all their features, options and accessories in detail. And feel free to take a look at our other bedsas well.