How do you choose your adjustable bed mattress?

Sep 1, 2020

We do not stop listing the benefits of an adjustable bed But we must not forget the paramount importance of the mattress. A good electric bed with a mattress that doesn’t suit you may deprive you of the benefits of the bed, or even deprive you of a good night’s sleep, promised by the adjustable bed.

A mattress is a huge investment. It should last for years, so you have to think carefully and know how to shop for the right mattress to sleep well.

Types of mattresses


It’s the traditional mattress. The springs are wrapped in the fabric and implanted in a frame. It is quite firm, either in the middle or on the side, and known to be airy too.

Memory foam:

Everyone knows the advantage of foam: It fits the shape of the body. It is therefore soft and retains the shapes of our body. However, this type of mattress is not appreciated by everyone. Some people like to be absorbed by the mattress, but others don’t at all. In addition, this mattress is warmer than the others.


These are foam mattresses, but exclusively latex-based. It is comfortable and fits body shapes, but a little firmer than memory foam. Its strong point is that it does not get too hot unlike the foam,because it breathes well.

The Rotec mattress (Series R):

We have different mattresses specially designed for our long-term carebeds and homecare, and also for our hospital beds.. This is the R-series.

All of our mattresses in this series are made up of a high-resilience foam rolling and fluffy foam. providing a smooth, uniform feeling of comfort. Easy to maintain, our mattresses come in a variety of sizes. They are treated antibacterial, anti-mold, antifungal and fire retardant. Flexible polyurethane-polyester fabric helps reduce the pressure.

The level of firmness varies from soft to farm, depending on your needs.

The Rotec air mattress:

This is the latest technology in terms of mattresses designed for very long stays on a bed. So, mainly, in a health centre or hospital.

The air mattress is the best way to avoid pressure ulcers, or even to treat them. Thealternating pressure offered by this mattress helps to avoid the contact of the pelvis with the bed, especially for patients with excess weight.

There are also different ranges in this type of mattress, to fit your needs and your budget.

Of course, cleaning is always easier thanks to the waterproof cover that covers the mattress and its sealed seams.

The best choice

The air mattress,or pressure mattress, remains the best choice for any type of bed, especially those for longer stays. We will discuss this in more detail in other articles, to detail the benefits of this type of mattress, and to better know how it works.

Don’t hesitate to shop around for our mattresses, to see what each of our models looks like. You will surely find your happiness.