VersaTech 1100 ULB

The VersaTech 1100 ULB medical bed is simply the best bariatric bed on the market.

The only bariatric bed that can drop to 8 inches off the ground while supporting a weight of 1100 lbs (499 kg), the VersaTech 1100 ULB is a medical bed that significantly increases the mobility and autonomy of an obese clientele, while facilitating the work of healthcare workers.

The VersaTech 1100 ULB has features to reduce the risk of falling. Its built-in scale makes weighing easier, while its supporting capacity, robustness and bed exit detection system make it a safe and easy-to-use option. Aesthetic and enjoying a wide spectrum of length and width adjustments, the VersaTech 1100 ULB is also an attractive option for standard weight patients.

  • Easily expandable in width (press buttons) that can accommodate mattresses of 36″, 39″, 42″, 48″ and even 54″
  • Load capacity of 1100lb (499kg) for bariatric use
  • Prevent Falls Related Injuries: 8″ (21cm) Ultra-Low bed
  • Ultra quiet DC motors. Helps maintain a calm and relaxed environment
  • Emergency battery for temporary autonomy
  • Easy to maintain with quick connect components
  • Central brake: one pedal at the foot of the bed
  • Lightweight composite head and footboard for ease of use.
  • Antimicrobial and easy to clean powder coated steel structure
  • 5″ (125mm) anti-static double wheels casters
  • 2 pairs of half-length composite siderails
  • Patient remote control with auto-contour
  • Patient control integrated into the bed siderails with auto-contour, underbed light and nurse call
  • Nurse call built into the siderails with DB-37 connexion
  • Easy to use nurse control integrated in the footboard
  • Bed functions lock-out from the nurse control at the footboard
  • Side and foot mattress retainer
  • Backrest angle indicator
  • Easily extendable in length without tools from 80″ to 84″ to 88″ (203cm to 213cm to 223cm)
  • One-touch Trendelenburg adjustment
  • Night light
  • Multiple openings for restraint straps
  • Bumpers at the head of the bed
  • IV pole holders
  • Trapeze bar receptacle
  • Electric CPR
  • Mechanical CPR: 2 handles
  • CSA certified according to Canadian and American standards.
  • Authentic Canadian product
  • Platform width: Adjustable from 35″ to 38″ to 41″ to 47″ to 53″ (89cm to 97cm to 104cm to 119cm to 134cm)
  • Overall width at 35″: 40″ (101cm)
  • Overall width at 53″: 57″ (257cm)
  • Platform length: 80″ to 84″ to 88″ (203cm to 213cm to 223cm)
    • Overall length at 80″: 93 1/8″ (237cm)
    • Overall length at 88″: 101 1/8″ (257cm)
  • Minimum height: 8″ (21cm)
  • Maximum height: 32″ / 81cm
  • Load capacity: 1100lb / 499kg
  • Backrest angle: 70°
  • Footrest angle: 34°
  • Trendelenburg position: -14° to +14°
  • Under bed clearance: 5 7/8″ (14.9cm)
  • Bed weight: 438lb (199kg)
  • Integrated scale with 2 zones bed exit notification, integrated warning signal to DB-37 port with visual and audible indicator
  • Bar with trapeze
  • IV pole
  • Left retractable IV pole
  • Right retractable IV pole
  • Support for oxygen cylinder
  • Pump support
  • DB-37 adapter cable
  • Additional remote control
  • Bed trolley
  • Mattress length extension 4″
  • Mattress V1100 with 3 width extension
  • Voltage: 120V (AC)
  • Amperage: 4A
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Leakage current: < 300 microamps
  • Battery: 1.2aH sealed lead acid, 2 x 12V
  • Scale accuracy (regardless of the bed position): 1% of the patient weight
  • 10 years on the structure
  • 2 years on electric motors
  • 2 years on the controller and electronic components
  • 1 year on accessories and against any manufacturing defects
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VersaTech 1100 ULB



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